are actually the coolest people ever. I've had the chance to work with lawyers from Chicago, bike riders from Indiana, med students from Little Rock to data-techs from North Carolina. Each and every couple brings a fresh energy to their wedding day with intentionality that can't be beat. So if you're a fan of stolen moments and an authentic wedding day that reflects your love; you'll fit right in!

Arkansas Wedding Planner; Meadow on the Mountain

Kristina & Edet

A Plan-B Wedding Day that outshined Plan-A

published in Arkansas Bride Magazine

Arkansas Wedding Planner; Spring Wedding Inspiration

Julie + Daniel

A colorful design with European touches

Lexi + Garret

A colorful spring day with Bridgerton energy

Arkansas Wedding Planner

Teegan & James

A rad, deep toned wedding with vintage flair

Arkansas Wedding Planner; LGBTQ Wedding

April & Sarah

A fall wedding day with a vintage touch

Arkansas Wedding Planner

Abby & Lawson

intimate brunch wedding with a chic design

Arkansas Wedding Planner

Rachel & Landon

the classiest Christmas wedding in Arkansas

Arkansas Wedding Planner

Skyler & Beau

Clean, crisp florals with fall nodes

Arkansas Wedding Planner

Carmen & Andrew

a halloween design featuring jewel tone florals


Amy & Lee

classic, luxurious design with pops of pink


Elaina & Kristina

a micro-wedding in the mountains of NC

Arkansas Wedding Planner

Kristine & Calder

a bouquet featuring succulents 


Keesha - Sept. 17
Brittany- Sept. 17 
Lauren - Oct. 15
Shelby - Oct. 20 
Rebecca - Oct. 22
Salena & TJ - Oct. 29
Aryn - Nov. 5
Mollie & Pasu - Nov. 12
Dani & Brennan - Nov. 12
Brittany - Dec. 15